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Message  Crapahute le Jeu 22 Avr - 11:17

This French brochure is clearly from 1984.

The other one must be from 1983. Few differencies can be noticed.

The console used for the picture of 1983 is a US model (up) whereas in 1984, it is a French one.

We can see the same thing with expansion module 2. US version in 83 (up) and European version in 84.

In 1983, the pictures show US cartridges.

In 1984, the cartridges are also US, but the labels which are European CBS labels.

Well, in fact these are not real labels. They have been "hand-made". The title of the game was cut then glued. A white stripe hide a sentence. Part of the copyright has been scratched and the serial number does not belong to this game.

The same technic was used with this other 84 brochire.

By changing contrast, the hidden sentence can be read : "FOR USE ON PAL UK TV SYSTEM ONLY".
On the Subroc cartridge, you can see the name TURBO which has been scratched (the serial number belongs to Turbo). Cuts and tapes are visible.

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